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Here Be Dragons
Here Be Dragons

Fractal & Mathematical Art
Fractal & Mathematical Art

Python 3 Code examples
Python 3 Code examples

AI Linux: An Artificial Intelligence distro
AI Linux: An Artificial Intelligence distro

I operate 5 websites/blogs; the others are AI LinuxPython3.Codes, FractalArt.Gallery, & Here Be Dragons (currently edited by my wife Lucy). I also curate 6 ZEEF pages. I’ve been an online bookseller, trainee systems programmer for ICL (alas no longer in existence), science teacher, engineering mathematics research assistant, scientific systems programmer, web developer, & online retailer of science kits and toys.

I’m available for tutoring in computing topics (e.g. Python programming, web design with WordPress, Linux, etc) or employment as a lecturer, or developer for scientific applications. Here’s my CV summary, in case you’re recruiting :):

  1. Hubble Space Telescope
    Hubble Space Telescope

    Skills: Scientific Systems Programming, Software Engineering, Ubuntu Linux, Blogging with WordPress, Lecturing

  2. Programmer: Python, C, Perl, Fortran, etc.
  3. Blogger: AI Linux, Python3.Codes, FractalArt.Gallery, Tuxar.uk using WordPress & HTML
  4. Scientific Systems software developer for NASA GSFC, Hubble Space Telescope, ESA/ESO, ESRF, JET, Max Planck IPP
  5. Software Engineering for user interface, database, real-time control & data acquisition
  6. Entrepreneur: founded 4 businesses, sold 2 (WDVL & Curious Minds Science Shop)
  7. Teacher/Lecturer: PGCE/QTS, taught GCE sciences & Computer Science A-level, lectured & published papers on software & web design at conferences & organisations
  8. E-commerce: Curious Minds Science Shop with OpenCart & MySQL, SEO, Google AdWords
  9. ZEEF curator: Python, Computer Science, Open Source Software, Fractals and Mathematical Art, Alan Turing, Hacking
  10. Education: BA 2.1 Mathematics & Physics, Open University; BSc 3rd Physics & Mathematics, London; PGCE Science, Goldsmiths London.

The ST-ECF HST archive was the result of a very fruitful collaboration between the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC), and the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (ESO).

I live near Bridgend in South Wales with my wife Lucy, & our sons Mark & Neil. Lucy & I met working as systems programmers for the Hubble Space Telescope. She was in the USA and I was in Germany working for ESO/ESA on the European contribution to Hubble. We have lived together in the USA, France, and now the UK. We have run 4 businesses, formerly in web development, and most recently running an online science shop. I now run Tuxar.uk which is a directory of open source software and a blog on Linux, FOSS, and programming.

My background is in scientific systems engineering, e.g. for HST, NASA’s GSFC, ESRF (X-ray synchrotron) and JET (fusion tokamak). I have many years experience of developing control and data acquisition & management systems, and of working with research scientists and engineers to define and document software requirements.

I have lectured at conferences on web development & have presented papers on software engineering at conferences on Physics & Astronomy. Positions held include:

  • Founder & CTO of Curious Minds Science Shop (online retail)
  • Teacher of GCE Science & A-level Computer Science (London)
  • Head of Data Acquisition @ ESRF (X-ray synchrotron in Grenoble)
  • Founder & Managing Editor of WDVL, sold to internet.com (Charlottesville VA)
  • Senior Software Engineer for Hubble Space Telescope (Munich & Baltimore MD)
  • Software Engineer @ JET (fusion tokamak in Culham, UK) & Max Planck IPP (Munich)
  • Principal Systems Engineer @ NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (Washington DC)