Alan Richmond

1981 – 1987 Testimonial from JET/Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics

Mr A Richmond has worked from 1981 to 1987 as a consultant software engineer on various plasma diagnostic systems built by the Max-Planck Institut fur Plasmaphysik, Garching bei Munchen, West Germany for use at the JET Joint, Undertaking, Abingdon, England. During this time Mr Richmond has developed and implemented a complete software system which enables the physicists concerned at JET to test, commission, monitor and control these diagnostics. The software is modular in nature allowing interfaces to the user, of varying degrees of sophistication, to be constructed quickly and easily, these ranging from those for specialist testing to easy-to-use ones for the “casual” user. This software has proved to be very reliable. The well structured modular nature of’ the software has made subsequent maintenance and adaptation of it relatively simple, helped by the excellent documentation of his software provided by Mr Richmond.

Mr Richmond is thoroughly professional in the performance of his work. He consults with and readily accepts input from the physicists involved when drawing up detailed initial specifications of his work for discussion, thus enabling the user to ensure that the software will meet, the needs of the project. Mr Richmond has proven ready and willing to adapt, his software to meet, sudden unforeseen requirements. After installation of any of his software he has always encouraged the physicists to use and fully test, the system and has responded quickly and efficiently to all relevant comments.

I have found Mr Richmond to be conscientious, efficient and hard-working and would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Richmond for employment in a similar capacity elsewhere.

Head, Experimental Division II