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LFCS: Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator



This is an effort to provide a set of links to material that should be helpful in studying for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) exam. Their site only provides a list of the required topics, without going into any detail, so I can’t be sure if these links will cover too much or too little depth of information. But I hope they will at least provide a starting point for others to study for this exam (which I have yet to take).

A Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) has the skills to do basic to intermediate system administration from the command-line for systems running Linux. Linux Foundation Certified System Administrators are knowledgeable in the operational support of Linux systems and services. They are responsible for first line troubleshooting and analysis, and decide when to escalate issues to engineering teams.

UPDATE: I just came across this course which appears to be aimed at LFCS. But the content seems to be much more than is listed in the exam’s Domains and Competencies. See my Reddit post


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Editing Text Files on the Command Line

Manipulating Text Files from the Command Line

Filesystem & storage

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Archiving and compressing files and directories

Assembling partitions as raid devices

Configuring swap partitions

File attributes

Finding files on the filesystem

Formatting filesystems

Mounting filesystems automatically at boot time

Mounting networked filesystems

Partitioning storage devices

Troubleshooting filesystem issues

Local system administration

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Creating backups

Creating local user groups

Managing file permissions

Managing fstab entries

Managing local users accounts

Managing the startup process and related services

Managing user accounts

Managing user account attributes

Managing user processes

Restoring backed up data

Setting file permissions and ownership

Local security

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Accessing the root account

Using sudo to manage access to the root account

Shell scripting

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Basic bash shell scripting

Software management

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Installing software packages


These are some of the sources for the above links:

In particular, Tecmint have the following 10-part series which covers parts of the LFCS:

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