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Recommended Online Courses in Computing, Science & Mathematics

These are MOOCs or Online Courses in Computing that I have taken or am in the process of taking, that I found to be particularly good in a number of ways. For me, it’s important that the presenter presents well. I’m easily distracted by verbal tics – y’know, ok, um err? And of course, the material should be interesting and well-organised, but that’s very much a matter of subjective judgement. These are my favourite courses, but there’s a good chance you’ll like them too, if you like any of the other content on this site

Be aware that when some people say ‘computer science’ they really mean ‘programming’! CS does have a lot to do with programming, but also with a lot more. Anyway, that’s why there’s a course under Programming that’s called ‘Intro to Computer Science’; there’s some CS in it, but it’s really about Python programming.


Algorithms & Data Structures

Cloud Computing

Computer Science

Cyber Security




Operating Systems



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