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World Science U: Knowledge for Everyone

Whether you are a high school student, science major in college or a lifelong learner, World Science U is where you can explore the wonders of Science guided by leading researchers an educators. World Science U provides a unique educational experience for you, with Brian Greene and other renowned professors leading the way, accompanied by state-of-the-art production.World Science U combines the best parts of the traditional classroom with the power of digital innovation to create a new kind of learning experience. The diverse course offerings let you spend minutes, hours, days, or months on a subject—whatever fits your schedule.


Science Unplugged provides hundreds of short video answers to a wide range of questions from “What is a Higgs Particle?” to “What happens to time near a black hole?”


Take classes designed by prestigious scientists from leading research universities. The materials can generally be covered in a few hours. Students can earn World Science U certification upon successful class completion.
Master Classes are rich explorations of a wide range of topics, from cosmology, to unified theories, to mathematics, all taught by renowned scientists.
Unlike traditional courses, which often require a commitment of months, Master Classes can typically be completed in less than a week.
The first Master Class is on Cosmology — the birth of the universe — and is taught by Alan Guth, the originator of the inflationary theory.


Short courses, suitable for a broad spectrum of learners, typically require two to three weeks to complete and have no homework or exams. University courses are university-level offerings that typically require eight to ten weeks to complete. Students work at their own pace and can earn World Science U certification upon successful course completion.

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